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Model YXQ.L-75(Single-layer pot)

  • The category:Vertical steam sterilizer
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  • Release date:2020-07-01 14:43:16
  • Product overview
Main features:
1.Vertical, inner circle and outer square, electric heating dual stainless structure. Microcomputer control technology and touch key.
2.With microcomputer intelligent automatic control, liquid crystal display and full automatic control conversion of temperature rise, sterilization, exhaust and drying in the whole process, “one-key operation”. User can self-set procedures of sterilization temperature, sterilization time, drying time and others according to the needs of sterilization articles.
3.The utility model has the functions of fast discharge, slow discharge and many kinds of pre-selected control functions, and adopts steam and water separation cycle to ensure the better drying effect of sterilized articles and meet the sterilization needs of different articles.
4.Horizontal sliding door uses self-increasing imported medical silica gel seal ring. The equipment is provided with a universal wheel which is convenient to move, and the heating pipe is simple and convenient to replace.
5.Dry burning resistant protection. The system automatically cut off heating power supply and alarm with light and sound when the water level is below the low water level.
6.The safety interlocking device installed on the door will automatically lock and cannot be opened to keep people safe when the sterilization chamber is pressured. Door control switch is also equipped. Power supply will not be switched on unless the door is closed in place.
7.Dual overpressure protection. The high precision pressure sensor monitors inside pressure all the time and air releasing safety valve can ensure the safety of personnel, devices and articles.
Model and specification:
Sterilizing chamber dimension:φ400×600(mm)
Sterilizing chamber volume:0.075m³(75L)
Temperature control range:115℃-135℃
Time setting range:1-999(min)
Working pressure:0.22Mpa
Maximum working temperature:135℃
Power supply voltage:AC220V/50Hz
Rated power:4.3KW
Working environment:Temperature +5℃—+40℃ relative humidity≤80%RH
Net product weight:70kg
Overall dimension:540×510×1270(mm)


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