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Pulsating vacuum sterilizer

       The Product is designed and produced fully in accordance with new national standard GB8599-2008 Technical requirements of large steam sterilizers;human-machine interface is a 10-inch large color touch screen,which has strong function and rich color and can display process,statement and others in a dynamic manner.

       The human-machine interface software design puts more consideration on the convenient operation of users in addition to the elegant appearance.Menu procedure design and one-key touch operation are adopted.All operations are designed in intensive manner.All operating processes can be displayed in full-color and real-time manner.

       In controller software design,the unique real-time feedback module based on fuzzy control theory is realized to ensure the accurate process control.The temperature zone,temperature fluctuation and temperature uniformity can be controlled in a better way.Following the low carbon and environmental-friendly design concept,fiber thermal insulation measure is adopted for main part of equipment and pipeline system to lower energy consumption to a maximum extent.The door panel of the inner chamber of sterilization chamber is made of SUS304 material and is mechanically polished,thus it is smooth and flat,has no dead corner and can be easily cleaned.The new structure realizes front and back door“sealing and interlocking”.This structure will not only make safety interlocking of front and rear door,but can also control the air quality in sterilized and contaminated area in high standard.

       The pneumatic valve imported from Germany,electromagnetic valve imported from Japan and water ring vacuum pump imported from the U.S.have more stable performance and long service life.Dual-temperature sensor makes the temperature display and printing be separated and the response to temperature more quick and accurate.

        Sound alarm and fault self-diagnosis function

        The equipment has alarm, fault information prompt function and fault self-diagnosis function in multiple aspects.

        Three-level user right protection system could be selected to facilitate user’s management for equipment.

        Ethernet interface module could be selected to realize remote monitoring of equipment.

        USB storage system could be selected to store the operating condition of equipment into USB storage equipment.

       Central monitoring system could be selected to realize remote operation of equipment.