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Model YXQ.F-600

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  • Release date:2020-07-02 16:15:47
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Main features:
1.With microcomputer intelligent automatic control, full automatic control conversion of temperature rise, sterilization, exhaust and drying in the whole process. User can self-set procedures of sterilization temperature, sterilization time, drying time and others according to the needs of sterilization articles.
2. The door panel of inner chamber with double-layer structure is made of SUS304 material and is mechanically polished, thus it is smooth and flat, has no dead corner and can be easily cleaned.
3. The new structure realizes front and back door (pre-selected). Sealing exterior structure could separate non-sterilized area and sterilized area, and guarantee sterilized apparatuses not be contaminated in a better way.
4. There is safety interlocking device on door. When there is pressure in sterilization chamber, the door will be automatically locked and cannot be opened to ensure personnel safety. In addition, door control switch is installed. Only when the door is properly closed, the power supply can be connected.
Performance features:
The main body is in a horizontal and double-layer structure, the inner chamber uses stainless steel materials of high quality, it is resistant to corrosion and has a durable quality. The fabrication conforms with the quality and safety standard of the classⅠpressure vessels.
The air-tightness adopts the handwheel rotating structure, and it also equips the safety interlock of quick-opening door, these features make it to be safe and reliable.
It owns double overpressure protection function, the precise pressure controller and automatic overpressure steam-release valve will guarantee the safety of personnel, equipment and materials.
This equipment has drying function, automatically control the warning function of water shortage.
The pressure can be adjusted from 0.10Mpa to 0.22Mpa, and the temperature is adjustable from 115℃ to 135℃.
The air-tight door has two types: single gate or double gate.
All the major parts are purchased from famous brands at home and broad, which ensure the safety, reliability and maneuverability of the sterilization equipment.
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